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Thank you for stopping by! To be chosen as a winner of one of our prizes you must Like each and every vendor! We will double check that this was done prior to announcing the winners. Here are some of the AMAZING prizes to be WON!
Ally&Abby Bowtique: Winner will receive a custom sized 4th of July Headband!



  Love the Moment Photography: A free photo session! *Must be a Utah resident to win this prize, or willing to travel.

WINNER: Jaimie K..


Teagan and Tobe Boutique: Winner will receive an adorable custom felted rose headband! Winner will get to choose color from current felt in stock!

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  Pink Zebra Jessika Rathbone: Winner will receive one jar of soy wax sprinkles from Pink Zebra!

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  A La Mode Modern Boutique: Winner will receive a bag of goodies full of A La Mode Modern Boutique's most popular items!!

WINNER: Jeannette D.

Capri Collectibles: The winner will receive 2 yes TWO! chunky necklaces AND a $40 gift certificate to spend on her website! All together it values $75!!

WINNER: Kayla M.


  Mirror Mirror Bowtique: Winner will receive a $10 Gift Certificate! *This item has free shipping to US only.


Velvet Pepper: Winner will receive the Kristen Purse!! This is $99.99 VALUE!!

WINNER: Nancy D.


Boys Count 2: Winner will receive a Parade Pack, comes with a drum and drum sticks, a noise maker and a sign. Most items are made from recycled items! A perfect way for your little one to make some noise and enjoy the 4th of July!

WINNER: Emily H.

Corbyn's Closet: Winner will receive a $10 shop credit!

WINNER: Jessica B.

  Petite Bebe: Winner will receive a little girl gift pack including Diary, Notepad and Pens plus a bonus craft pack!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Brixton

This blog tends to have a long shelf life as I juggle 2 jobs and 4 small children. I started Ally&Abby Bowtique in August as a way of taking my hobby to the next level and earning a little extra money for Christmas. It has taken off much more then I thought it would, and a couple of times I have thought about shutting it down due to the stress it can bring. But every time I consider it I end up meeting amazing people that I would have never met if I had not started this company. I have created friendships in all sections of the world from 10 miles away to Australia. I can honestly say that I have the most AMAZING customers and I am truly thankful for each of you.
Yesterday I woke up to a letter that honestly made me cry. It was so touching, so sad, and after everything this family is going through they still took the time to thank me. I have thought about it several times and have tried to think of anything I could do since reading it. The only thing I can think of is getting her name out there, getting prayers sent her way. I asked permission to share it with you, and I ask that you in return please please PLEASE keep baby Brixton in your prayers!!

1/28/13: "I just thought that I would share a picture of the birthday girl!!!  This is my sweet baby cousin!!! I bought the outfit that I did from you for a few reasons! First of all, it is way cute and very reasonably priced!! But I also chose it because my cousin has cancer and will be starting chemotherapy on Tuesday. I figured that outfit, along with the shoes, would allow her to look incredibly adorable and yet comfortable while going through the chemo. Her Mom, also my cousin, absolutely loved the outfit and shoes and so did many others at the party!!! In fact, the shoes were a big hit!! Thank you soooo very much for the gorgeous outfit and your wonderful kindness!!! You are one sweet lady and I will definitely be back soon!!! In fact, my nieces bday is coming up in May, so I will be back very soon!!! Hee hee!! Xoxo and God bless!! "

*Update on my baby cousin, Brixton: She had her port placed this morning and is now ready to start chemotherapy! Please continue to pray for this sweet baby! I have faith that God is going to heal her completely in Jesus name!!!!

I asked for Brixton's story to share with all of you:
"As a little history, when Brixton was about 2 months old she got really sick with a fever. My cousin took her in and the dr told her that she just had a virus and just to watch her closely. Over the next few weeks, her fever came and went. My cousin knew that something was not right and went with her gut feeling and took Brixton into the ER one night where they found that she had a cyst in her lung. They told my cousin that the cyst was nothing to worry about and seeing as she was just around 3 months old at that time, the drs decided to wait until she was 6 months old to do the surgery to remove the cyst. 
At 6 months old, she went in to have the surgery to remove the cyst. Surgery went well and she went home! A few weeks later they got a call to come back in. When they went in, they were told that after running tests in what they originally thought to be a cyst, it turned out to be a rare form of cancer called pleuropulmonary blastoma and that they needed to run further tests. 
While running the tests, I know that they did some sort of treatment, but forgive me for not remembering the details. After that treatment, the tests showed that she was clear of all cancer! Thank you Jesus! However, since then, the Drs have decided that the best thing for Miss Brixton was to start a 40 week round of chemotherapy to help stop the cancer from returning. This form of cancer is very rare and therefore not much is known about it. But what they do know about it, is that it is aggressive. 
They did, however, decide that since her last tests came out clear that it was safe to wait until after her birthday to start the chemo. So, on Saturday, we celebrated Brixtons 1st birthday and then today she went in to have her port put in and start the chemo. She will be in the hospital for a few days and then will have to go back weekly over the next 10 months. Please pray that the chemo does what it is supposed to do and gets rid of this cancer for good!! This sweet baby has her whole life ahead of her!! 
God is an awesome God!! I have seen the miracles that He is capable of and I have faith that He will put a complete healing upon my sweet baby cousin right now... In Jesus name!!! Thank you and God bless!!!"

AGAIN, Please pray for this sweet baby girl! Thank you!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fairy Crown

My newest fairy crown is a custom order from my 3 year old. I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning :)

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!
Life has been extremely busy, but I am enjoying every minute of it with my family.
Check out my STORE for items currently in stock, and watch in the upcoming months as I introduce my Spring 2013 Line of Fairy Crowns and hair accessories for all ages!
Creating my store has taken a lot longer then planned, but I am looking forward to what the new year has to bring. I have 4 small children, and manage 2 other companies, so a lot of my work at ALLY&ABBY is done in the middle of the night while my 5 month old keeps me up. Thank you for being patient with me, and make sure to 'LIKE' ALLY&ABBY BOWTIQUE on facebook to keep up with all the most recent updates and discounts! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have been so busy with facebook and my shop that I have neglected my blog. Please 'like' my page on facebook to see products first. Also, I am participating in the Peppermint Giveaways this year with Fabulous Fun Finds! The giveaway will be Nov.7-Nov.17th! And you could win a romper and ALLYABBY lace headband! Thanks for stopping by! Here are a couple of the items I have created lately: